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The tomorrow book. Navigating to, within and beyond the book
In 2004 the second Charles Nypels working group was convened, consisting of Carel Kuitenbrouwer, Markus Dreßen, Walter Nikkels, LettError, Just van Rossum & Erik Blokland, Astrid Vorstermans and Lars Müller. Together with Filiep Tacq and Jouke Kleerebezem, advising researchers design at the Jan van Eyck Academie, the working group presented the second Charles Nypels Lectures on 10 December 2004. Taking their own practice as a starting point, each of them elaborated on different aspects of the future of the book.

On the basis of these lectures and a following closed discussion the working group formulated a theme for a research project: The tomorrow book. Navigating to, within and beyond the book.
This project takes a multi-disciplinary approach on the book and highlights the aspects of editing, typography, book design, publishing and distribution.

In January 2005 a publicty campaign started to recruit designers for this research project. Three researchers have been taken on to work on The tomorrow book project: Sarah Infanger, Harrisson and Richard Vijgen. They will complete their research in 2006.

Until 15 April 2006 it is still possible to apply for the research project The tomorrow book. See for more information under the heading applications.