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The Jan van Eyck Academie is a post-academic institute with three fields of attention: fine art, design and theory. It offers artists, designers and theorists time and space to set up research projects and realise productions. The objectives of researchers and advising researchers are of primary significance to the programme at the Jan van Eyck Academie – the programme covers everything that is being ‘done’ and ‘made’ by the researchers and the artistic/technical members of staff. Thus, the programme of the Jan van Eyck is per definition ‘heterogeneous’. Researchers are expected to establish the aims, methodologies and realisation of their projects as well as to be engaged with what is being produced by fellow researchers.
The Jan van Eyck, based in Maastricht (south of The Netherlands), is developing collaboration links on a euregional, national and international level. The internal and external programme of the Jan van Eyck is announced on the website, and is sent to interested parties via email. Thereby the Jan van Eyck wishes to create a large and active critical space within and around the academy.

More information on the policy of the academy can be found at