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Facilities Jan van Eyck Academie


Researchers are offered a stipend, a production budget and a studio. For Dutch researchers costs for living accommodation in Maastricht are compensated. Foreign researchers are offered assistance in finding additional means.
Furthermore, researchers have access to the technical workshops, the library and the facilities of the production bureau.

Technical workshops

There are technical workshops for materials, graphics, photography, time-based media, computer. The workshops offer researchers first and foremost the space to experiment and receive technical advice. The technical staff explaines specific characteristics of certain materials and production processes and the functionality of hardware and software. Besides, they inform researchers about the artistic consequences for the use of certain techniques or materials. All workshops are professionally equipped. The workshops are accessible 24 hours per day.


The library is first and foremost a place of study for the (advising) researchers and a centre of support for the technical staff. The collection profile is focused on the three disciplines within the academy. Books are preferably acquired in the original language they were first published in (English, French, German and Dutch), with English and Dutch as duplicate languages. The library actively pursues means to expand the collection. Thus, library collections of the museum Bonnefanten and the former Dutch Design Institute were acquired, which ads to the existing collection. The present media (books, periodicals, av-material and multi-media) are made available to external parties. The library is digitally accessible by being connected to the Ihol-network and the Pica-system.

Documentation centre

The documentation centre is a publicly accessible place for research on the Jan van Eyck Academie. The collection contains documentation about the institute; the programme (present and past); the work, on paper or in an audiovisual/digital format, of (advising) researchers and technical members of staff (present and past). The documentation centre also gathers general information about/from (art) institutes in the Netherlands and abroad concerning upcoming exhibitions, relevant competitions, cultural activities et cetera.

Production bureau

The production bureau coordinates the production of publications and events that are initiated by or are realised with the help of the Jan van Eyck Academie: books, magazines, and other graphical work, websites, cd-roms, exhibitions, lectures, debates, symposia, et cetera. Depending on the nature of the activity in question the production bureau plays a different role in each production. This may vary from offering advice to the development of ideas together with (advising) researchers and the realisation of these in a concrete sense. Furthermore, the production bureau also functions as a workshop, enabling researchers to utilize the expertise present. This expertise concerns editing, pre-press activities and organisation of the productions.