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Authoring the city
Urban space as a communication platform and a communication device

Project history

In 2002 the first Charles Nypels working group was convened, consisting of Gillian Crampton Smith, Paul Elliman, Wouter Vanstiphout and Annelys de Vet. Together with Jouke Kleerebezem and Filiep Tacq, advising researchers design at the Jan van Eyck Academie, these members of the working group presented the first Charles Nypels Lectures on 6 December 2002. Taking their own practice as a starting point, each of them ventured into the nature of design research which they thought should get priority at this moment in time.

On the basis of these lectures and a following closed discussion the working group formulated a theme for a research project: Authoring the city. This project stimulates research into the city as a communication platform and a means of communication. In January 2003 a publicty campaign started to recruit designers for this research project. Four researchers have been taken on to work on the Authoring the city project: Min Choi, Zuzana Lapitková, Tamara Maletic and Dan Michaelson. They will complete their research in 2005. As advising researchers Paul Elliman, Annelys de Vet and Wim Cuyvers are supervising their projects.

These projects are examples of several other Jan van Eyck projects dealing with the communication of, in and by the city. That is why in May 2004 it was decided to regard Authoring the city as an umbrella project at the Jan van Eyck. Besides other individual projects Authoring the city covers collective trajectories as well (Trichtlinnburg, Micropolis,...). More information on these projects can be found at