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Call for applications

Designers, critics and theoreticians are invited to submit research proposals within the scope of the research theme of The tomorrow book.

Deadline for applications is: 15 April 2006.

Research conditions and facilities

Candidates have a background in or have relevant experience in the fields of design, typography, publishing and/or editing.

Candidates are asked to state the period (for a maximum of 24 months) of their research period and when they can start their research. They can submit individual as well as joint proposals.

Candidates who are selected obtain the status of researcher in the Design department at the Jan van Eyck Academie.

The researcher is entitled to the artistic, general and technical preconditions stipulated by the Jan van Eyck Academie. He/she receives a monthly stipend of 680 euro.

The tomorrow book is coordinated by Filiep Tacq and Will Holder, advising researchers at the Jan van Eyck Academie as far as content goes. A team of experts is appointed to guide the researchers.

At the end of the research project a publication and/or production will be presented.

Application procedure

Project proposals should be submitted together with a Jan van Eyck application form not later than 15 April 2006. The application procedure is stated at the Jan van Eyck website. Application forms can be downloaded from the same website.

To the book

More information on the research theme and questions is available at
For content-related questions please contact: Filiep Tacq (

For practical questions concerning the application procedure, please contact: Leon Westenberg (